A fun way to meet people

Tinder finds out who likes you nearby, and connects you with them if you're also interested.

It all started with the realization that there are many apps that connect us with people we already know, but none that do a great job of helping us meet new people.

The whole Tinder experience is designed to be familiar and emulate the way we interact in real life—digitally reproduced, enhanced, and made mobile.

Tinder Values


We take your privacy very seriously. We'll never share anything without your permission.


Tinder is a network of interesting people around you. We think that's where all the fun happens.


We made Tinder easy and fun to use. Our primary focus is to give our users a great and memorable experience.

Press Reviews

"It's a rare feat for any app to mirror real-life, but the app does just that. Just like in real life, Tinder lets you dig deeper than the surface and connect with people based on common interests, and it's that digging deeper that enables us to build the foundations of meaningful relationships."

"The application is clearly addictive."

"'Tinder' is a verb. It has become so popular that the name of the application is an action."

"Everyone I know is suddenly talking about it."

"Tinder is essentially a postmodern nod to a most primitive form of liberal dating."

"We've even heard extremely bullish investors describe it as the next Facebook."